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Christmas in the Year of Homo Erectus


This time of year invites memory of a birth, and its simplest gift:  the Golden Rule.


Essaying Differences honors this rule,  that we love our neighbors as ourselves.

But it takes learning.  Or we distrust, ignore, and mistreat our neighbors.  Especially this year, when we Americans have elected those furthest from the Golden Rule:

They love the rich, and will tax them less, so they may be more rich,  and we have the greatest national debts in our history.


They model killing as solution – ideologues who avoided their own risks, now eager for wars abroad, capital punishment at home.


They stir hatreds in other cultures, with the dictators they sponsor for our fossil-fuel addictions to SUVs, shopping malls, and sprawl.


So we have voted ourselves backward in evolution – with a man strutting as homo erectus, posturing pro-birth as pro-life.  Homo erectus cannot see life deserving public programs for all:  health care, schools, libraries, parks, clean air, clean water.


Jesus said no to love of the rich, love of killing, and love of our isolate selves.  He saw "others." Homo erectus cannot.  Nor can our professors, who fancy themselves open, but model specialization closures – while tens of thousands of part-timers subsidize them, as more non-living-wage thousands float the WAL*MART heirs.


Still the righteous right, the elite left.  And still, at Christmas, the one Golden Rule.

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