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This year, in our national election


This year, in our national election
we make our presidential selection.
The choice is great, but some things don't vary
choosing between George Bush and John Kerry.

Both claim to be tough – real men – and their wish
is ongoing war on those terrorists.
Other issues all fade before this one
– so great yet the shock from 9-11.

Good Americans want to fight – kick ass –
including soccer moms and NASCAR dads
as they drive their pick-ups and SUVs
in the sprawl of U.S. prosperity.

We're innocents, no? Aren't we good guys here?
So, under attack, rage rises from fear,
as if foreign evils grow by themselves,
as if we'd done nothing to stir this hell.

Do they hate us "because of our freedom"?
Fox News and our good media minions
love to parrot this line, as if our need
for oil were of course God-given, and we

must never see that, for our oil to flow,
we prop up the worst regimes in the world.
In Iraq, Kuwait, and Nigeria,
Morocco and Saudi Arabia,

and Egypt, Oman, Indonesia, too,
we've ever subsidized all the thugs who
brutalize, terrorize, and repress
their Muslim millions excluded, distressed.

God Bless America. When we could know
these "others" – how their arts, landscapes, foods, clothes
link them to us even more than their oil –
we instead choose only more killing fields.

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